Celer - In The End You'll Just Disappear

"In the End You'll Just Disappear" was recorded in 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. Piano, tape, and Lexicon PCM90 by Will Long. Created for an installation to be played on 3 speakers in a triangular shape facing the center of a room. Each speaker played a continuous loop of a low end cut (speaker 1), a mid end cut (speaker 2), and a high end cut (speaker 3). From the center of the room, they should be perfectly mixed, yet evolve due to small differences in start times.

In The End You'll Just Disappear is available on CD in a minimal, full color pocket sleeve.



Celer is Will Long, an American musician, educator, writer, and photographer currently living in Tokyo, Japan. Celer was formed in 2005 by Danielle Baquet and Will Long. From 2009 to the present, Celer is the solo project of Will Long. He curates and manages the label Two Acorns, and is involved with the Normal Cookie and Bun Tapes labels. Currently he is collaborating with artists such as with Miko under the name Oh, Yoko, and has collaborated with other artists such as Christoph Heemann as Hollywood Dream Trip. He has been a part of other projects with Hakobune, Machinefabriek, Jan and Romke Kleefstra, Mathieu Ruhlmann, and Yui Onodera.

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